A year have passed yet I can still remember every single thing about you.. You are like my sister and best friend. We laugh, cry, lie and do things together. We had a lot of good memories together and also bad things. I may remember the good things but the bad things were above it. Maybe because whenever we’re together, you always makes fun out of me. Every time my mom hears the surname of your ex, she would look at me and ask for your whereabouts. Ask about what happened to the money my mom lend you. I can tell her your address but I didn’t. Why? Merely because you might change the story. Yes, you always pay when we go out. The money you that you borrowed is not easily earned, you know. I know you have a lot of NEW and EXPENSIVE gadgets. But why can’t you pay my mom? You can buy a lot of things for yourself, your family and your kids but you can’t pay my mom.

PS: If you’re reading this, I’m sorry if I have to post this.


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